Broccoli Date Beauty Bowl

Our bodies have a built in way to let us know exactly what foods we need….and don’t need for that matter.

Just as a dog, or any other wild animal, we too can instinctively know what foods are good for us in the moment and which ones are not.

It’s about tapping into those subtle signs, understanding what they mean, and then actually listening to them and correctly taking action.

Eating what our body recognizes gives it the ability to preform at it’s highest level. Giving us the energy we long for, soft clear vibrant skin, shiny strong hair, sparkling white eyes, a humming digestive system, and luscious restful sleep.

We tap into this inner knowing by slowing down.

Yeah I know, the opposite of what we want to do. Or think we want to do…

For me, I did this by switching my mindset around meal times. Viewing eating as more of a sacrid spiritual practice that feeds my body and soul, rather than seeing the time I spend eating as not productive and almost a waste of time.

My relationship with food has been on both ends of the spectrum, but now…

I chose to cherish the time I spend eating, as well as the foods I chose to eat, just as much, if not more than, all the other important high priority items in my life.

The foods we are important…

But HOW we eat them is just as important.

We are fed much more by the food we eat when we take time to appreciate each bite.

Healing our relationship with food is a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t happen over night. It is a practice and a lot of inner growth can occur as well.

The food off our plates is also vitality important and feeds us just as much.

Healing our relationship with food may mean healing one, or some, of those other areas as well.

A lot of the time we crave certain foods, not because our body actually wants them, but for reasons other than nutritional needs.

We may be craving fulfillment in other areas of our life such as

The work we do

Be patient with yourself.

Set an intention and allow yourself the space to let it unfold.

This is what I am currently eating a lot. With different variations. If this is completely different from how you eat…baby steps. Pick up some dates the next time you’re at the store and try those out. They are little pieces of sweet heaven. Add those in to your next typical salad or just as a snack.

Dramatic changes don’t happen all at once…and we don’t want them to. There’s to much resistance when they do. Baby step your way into it…and it’ll manifest way quicker than if you try tackling it all at once.

Broccoli Date Salad

Red leaf lettuce




Red cabbage

Broccoli florets





Avocado Blood Orange Oil ( this stuff is bomb. I received it as a gift last week, it is heaven. Slightly sweet and perfectly rich)

Hemp Oil

Maca powder

Barley Grass Juice Powder

**You don’t have to use this dressing. Something simple like olive oil and lemon juice is wonderful. A mustard vinaigrette is nice as well. Whatever sounds good to you.

Keep it simple and try to make your own dressing to keep it as whole and unprocessed as possible.

***For those suffering from gut issues and low stomach acids, this is a wonderful meal to heal the gut, make digestion easy on the tummy, yet still provide a balanced filling meal.

Chew thoroughly 🙂

Why I Grow My Own Food

Because it just feels right.

I have always had an immense want to have a garden.

I absolutely LOVE watching the seeds I plant sprout and mature.

I thoroughly love tending weeds and taking care of the plants.

I love the colors! Greens, yellows, reds, oranges, blues, … it becomes a field of beauty.

Harvesting…there are no words. Picking the food you have grown is indescribable. There is so much pleasure that comes from knowing this food grew for you.

And speaking of…the food you grow – grows for YOU. I am not an expert in this, however I do plan to be. I have read the plants you tend to grow specifically for your needs. I feel I see this in my own garden. Certain plants become more abundant, certain obstacles arise that mimic obstacles in my life, a desire for better eye health created an abundance of yellow and oranges I wasn’t expecting, plants I thought were weeds turn out to be medicinal, specifically for an aliment that I am currently facing….the list goes on.  I find this unbelievably fascinating.

( ↑ the big picture on the top right with all the yellow flowers…..this is not a good plant. I learned my lesson. I thought it was growing like crazy about to give me some serious watermelons – my neighbor thought it was a watermelon plant – I soon learned it was some kind of thorn thistle or something of the such that was decently poisonous….it was a pain to remove as well – hence THORNS 🙁   but it all worked out and its funny to think about now )

It gives me the ability to give to others.

We can’t give unless we have something to give.

We can’t receive unless we ourselves give in return.

What we sow we reap. What we reap we sow.

I find immense peace when I am in my garden. It is a mediation for me. No matter what, I know my mind will settle and my intuition will kick in when I spend time in my garden. It is the perfect place for me to wind down and reconnect with my greater purpose.

( ↑ my basil had some kind of worm eating it….but those were the best basil plants I have ever grown….flash forward to now – I fully understand how to use a basil plant and can’t wait to grow another! )


And if none of this has convinced you yet to start your own garden …. its cheaper, a lot cheaper. And it is so wonderful to be making a meal and think of darn I didn’t by that ingredient at the store…..oh wait!!! ITS GROWING IN MY BACKYARD….let me just go pick some  🙂

Yes there is time and money that goes into it – but the abundance you receive is unbelievably worth it. Not just an abundance of wonderful foods but an abundance of joy, community, friendship…and so much more.

I hope this inspires you to have your own garden.

Start small. What you see here was years in the making. When I started I was living in an apartment. My boyfriend at the time ( husband now 🙂 ) collected pallets from behind a local hardware store and built me some small planters to fit in the few square feet of room we had right by our front door. I planted tomatoes and swiss chard.

Start small and before you know it you will be standing in a garden full of abundance.

I do want you to know that I do not grow ALL of my own food. I do still grocery shop and visit local farmers markets.

One day I just might though. I love the idea of being completely sustainable in that way. And it seems like I am headed in that direction.

If you have any questions about where to begin, what to plant, anything really,  leave me a comment in the section below. ↓  I love hearing from you all 🙂