Raw Apple Crumble

Yeahhhh….its just as good as it looks.

I’ve been wanting mainly raw simple food lately. Maybe because of the warm weather… I don’t know….but I’m listening and loving the new food creations I’m coming up with.

A simple peach, kiwi, watermelon slice, fig, strawberry, mango…any fruit really….has been perfectly satisfying just as it is.

I was out of all of the above this morning though, but had a single apple sitting on the counter which sounded somewhat good.  I wasn’t really wanting just an apple though.

I did a little recipe hunting myself and picked and pulled bits and pieces from a handful that sounded alright and thought about what I had in my kitchen as well….and tada!    It turned out pretty darn good.

Use the recipe as a guideline…but listen to your gut and what sounds good to you. Add in your favorite such and such…leave out that nasty ingredient you just hate….customize…customize…customize. And you’ll end up with something wonderful and completely fulfilling.

Here is my recipe. Of course you can follow it to a T if you’d like..its pretty darn good as is.



1 red apple diced small

1/2 cup oats

1 Tbsp coconut ( I made coconut milk the other day and saved the bits and pieces from straining it…I used my leftover bits and pieces. regular coconut flakes, coconut meat would all work. I liked how it had moisture and was able to combine everything a little better)

teeny tiny pinch of nutmeg

2 tsp coconut sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1 Tbsp pecans chopped

1 Tbsp pistachios chopped

Additional Toppings I ended up adding as I ate:

Maple syrup

Cacao Nibs

Almond Butter

Coconut Mylk


Enjoy 🙂

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