Power Packed Oat Bar

Just got finished making these sweet treats.

2018-08-07 11.04.50

I had a craving for these chocolate squares that I used to buy at a bakery I no longer live by. I did my best to recreate them and they turned out pretty good.

This is my 3rd batch in two weeks. 🙂

The base: Dates, Cashews, and Oats.

2018-08-07 10.04.25

My dates were already pretty soft this time around, but if yours are on the dryer side…soak them in hot water for a few minutes.

Pit your dates and add them to a food processor.

Soak your cashews in hot water for a few minutes as well. Then add them to your food processor.

Process until well combined.

2018-08-07 10.19.41

Add remaining ingredients except for the oats and process again.

Then add your oats and combined until a really thick dough forms. My food processor was struggling a little so I ended up just stirring my oats in, in a separate bowl. I typically like them processed a little finer, but they are good this way as well.

Transfer dough onto a piece of plastic wrap or parchment and flatten until about 1 inch thick. Then cut into squares.

2018-08-07 10.55.08

And enjoy 🙂

2018-08-07 11.04.50



16 oz Dates ( approx. 30 )

2 cups Cashews soaked in hot water

5 tbsp Cacao Powder

5 tbsp Blueberry Jam ( I used Trader Joes Super Fruit, Fruit Spread )

1 tsp Cinnamon

4 cups Oats

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