Kangen Water Explained

Lets dive a little deeper

Some More Science and other Uses

If we are drinking it . . . We should be showering in Clean Water too

imagine showering in a waterfall . . . kinda like that 🙂

The Power of Turmeric

Full of B Vitamins (energy/happiness) . . . and extremely Anti Inflammatory so helps if your body is doing any detoxing

Patented Compensation Plan

Alright this is all pretty awesome . . . how does this bring Time, Location, and Financial Freedom

If you want to try the water first

I’ll hook ya up!

If you want to Join the Facebook Community of others who are learning too how this all works, have access to training modules and courses, and be apart of an e x t r e m e l y High Vibe Group

Yes, you pay a small fee for being apart of this community. The BreakAway crew has spent hours creating videos and trainings for us to follow in their footsteps. No, you are not paying for nothing. Just like if you want to live in an apartment, you’ve gotta put down a payment first.

Lets be grateful they are willing to share all of this with us, and honestly at a very low cost ! !!

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