BreakAway Movement

A training platform for entrepreneurs looking to break free from the 9-5 and start their own business working completely online with like minded passionate individuals.

Focused on helping each other grow, spreading the movement on Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Conscious Living.

All things Health and Wellness and living our best lives. Giving us the ability to travel freely and create our lives by our own design.

Myself, along with an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable community, guide you step by step and help you grow yourself alongside your business. Walking you through the transformation into a life of true authentic living.

I broke away so I could live a life by my own design.

I have always been an incredibly observant person, so I could see, and feel, just how much our world was hurting. People have been doing what they are told to do, and what they think they should be doing. Following these rules and guidelines with the expectation that the job, house, car, etc brings happiness. We’ve been acting out of fear. A fear of not being happy and ‘successful.’ A fear of failing. Rarely doing what we actually want to do. Always putting it off. Never really present in the moment and experiencing the abundance of beauty that is constantly around us.

I started in that path. And very quickly learned it didn’t work for me. I was miserable. I didn’t want to be apart of it. I wanted to carve my own path and then help others do the same.

This intention alone…this powerful intention…is what got the ball rolling a few years ago. 

Life started giving me little opportunities and experiences to help me with this. To grow myself to be able to walk in the shoes of the person I was wanting to be.

I got REALLY clear on what it was that I was wanting my life to look like. Especially in these areas: Career / Relationships / Health

I wanted:

  • Time Freedom |  Location Freedom | Financial Freedom
  • For my work to be play. To be centered around Health, Longevity, and Loving Connection.
  • To be my own boss so I could create my own dream, my own schedule and life.
  • So I could create and live from my heart, and help others do the same.
  • To have passive income so I wasn’t locked into trading my time for money.
  • To never feel held back to jump on an opportunity or experience I wanted to take.
  • To be surrounded by like-minded passionate souls who wanted nothing more than to help others rise into the powerful beings that they are. A community so filled with love, centered around giving and receiving. Everyone helping each other so we all grow together.


I wanted out of the rat race, and to live the life I knew I came here to live.

One of endless and abundant Joy and Love

I got really clear on what I wanted. I asked the universe, and it was given to me on a silver platter in the exact time I was ready for it.

Exactly as I asked for it.

If you are here reading this . . . you too have done the same thing.

It took me a few times of seeing this opportunity before I made the complete connection that what I was being given, was what I had asked for. The hardest part was getting myself to a space where I felt worthy enough of accepting this gift I had been given. 

What Enagic is offering us

Turning Point #2 in my life that dramatically changed the course of my journey for the absolute incredible better.

I am blessed and grateful.

I had just ended a chapter….and never in my wildest dreams thought it would be blessed this greatly with this new one.

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