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This is the turning point in my life that has lead me to more joy, more abundance, more love, and an incredible reason to wake up each morning feeling grateful for simply being alive.

This is a little long….I do love writing.

If you’re already familiar with my story and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and just want the links to a sample class, the course material, or your discount on tuition, head to the bottom 👇🏼

There has always been a part of me that has known there was something more. Something deeper, truer, more freeing and joyful that I was supposed to get out of this life. I just knew, from somewhere within me, that life is supposed to be enjoyable and fun. But I couldn’t understand why that wasn’t my reality. Everything was a struggle, and the amount of effort I was putting into ‘acting happy’ was insane and I was really tired of people telling me to smile.

My ability to hold on to this belief, that life was supposed to better than this, and continue to return to it year after year, is how I ended up finding The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN).

I had just moved to a new town and was looking for job. I didn’t have internet, so I spent a lot of my time at the public library looking for anything that could bring in a little income. I did however deeply want to do something with meaning, something I would enjoy. After a couple hours of scrolling online and feeling horribly defeated, I came across a blog post of a girl talking about health and wellness. I was already on my own health journey, recovering from a series of health issues (anemia, vitamin deficiencies, blood sugar imbalance, and serious gut issues – to name a few), so it caught my attention. She talked about how she received her training from IIN and was now self employed, working from home, helping others improve their health and well-being, and living the life she had always dreamed of.

After reading her story, I didn’t understand why, but I suddenly felt alive again. I had energy and a clear mind that I hadn’t had in awhile.

Could I do what she was doing?

I left the library that night with a little more hope, but no real belief I could do what she had done.

Fast forward two years – I was working two part time jobs, taking classes at a local college, and barely getting by.

I have never stayed at a job for longer than a year and a half. I always got bored, frustrated, and then fed up. So I’d go find something different thinking this time maybe it’d be the magical one.

I went and found a different job that aloud me to drop the second one. It never did feel right to me though to always be searching and job hopping.

Four months into this new job I was ready to rip my hair out.

It’s in the moments of complete dissatisfaction that we are able to get really clear on what we don’t want, and then get really clear on what we do want instead.

I returned to my desire of wanting to work for myself. Something I have always wanted to do and felt I would at some point in my life. I came back to that intense feeling of peace I’d get when thinking about how life was supposed to be fun. I started thinking about what it was I wanted out of life. How I wanted to feel, and what impact I wanted to have on the world.

And then that girls blog post came back to mind. But this time, it didn’t leave. It grew stronger.

I re-found her post, I looked up the school she was talking about even though I kind of didn’t want to. I had already dropped out of college a few years back because it felt so awful to be there and these new classes I was taking felt just as suffocating. I didn’t want a rerun. I loved learning, just not in that way. I immersed myself in the information. Talking about nutrition and lifestyle, how they taught it all, and what I would get out of it.

It was the first time in a really long time that I felt like I was in the right place, at the right time. My gut instinct, or my intuition, was loudly saying Jody, this is it!

It was easy for me to know I was wanting more of what I was feeling, but I didn’t know how to get it and keep it for that matter. I had followed my gut before with good results, but it was more money than I had ever spent at once and I wasn’t the only one in my household anymore.

I had bills, obligations, and a honeymoon to save for.

Thanksgiving came around and it was still there in the back of my mind. I saw they were offering a discounted tuition which sparked my interest even more, but I didn’t enroll. There was no way those around me would understand or approve of what I was doing.

It took me another four months to trust myself enough to learn to put my own needs and desires first. My intuition was so strong that every action I took against it, increased the discourse in my life. Intensifying the struggles I already encountered.

My intuition was trying to point me back in the right direction.


The hope this school gave me that I could live a better life, even before I enrolled, was incredible.

I remember so clearly the moment I gained the self confidence I needed to trust myself that I could make it work. It was in the evening, I sat my husband down at the kitchen table and told him enrolling at IIN was something I had to do. My gut feeling was so incredibly strong nothing was going to stop me. I had such a powerful belief that I would attend this school, it was as if I had already enrolled. A few days later I learned it was National Health Coach week and IIN was offering another discounted price on tuition. Even more than before. And today was the last day…of course.

I had been given yet another chance.

The mindset shift that came next was huge for me. I had finally decided I wasn’t going to miss it this time.

My energy and confidence skyrocketed just like before. I called and asked on my lunch break if they would extend their discount one more day for me so I could talk to my husband first. Upon them saying yes, the next few hours went by so fast and so smoothly it was like there was something guiding me. I got home, told my husband I was going for it and that I would figure the money part out. He didn’t like it, but he saw my passion. I think he knew I was doing it whether he wanted me to or not.

I got back on the phone and was enrolled to start to 2 months.

6 months into the school I managed to pay off my tuition.

That was a year ago almost to the day.

The decision I made that day to put myself first and listen to my intuition is one of the best decisions I have made. It was the beginning of a transformation I really can’t explain.

The information I learned reopened a part of me I had lost in the noise our world today surrounds us with. It retaught me how to live, and what it actually feels like to be alive. It broke down the limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had and helped me replace them with beliefs that have aloud me to flourish.

It was the beginning of a shift in my life I will forever be insanely grateful for.

IIN is a community of people all working towards greatly improving the lives of as many as possible.

Reawakening ourselves to remember life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

We are here to enjoy every moment and support each other along the way. It is a space free of judgement, free of negativity, and solely focused on health, lifting each other up, and helping one another accomplish our wildest dreams.

  IIN Highlights:

  • Self Paced / 100% Online / 1 Year Certification / Ability to Start Coaching in 6 months
  • 100,000+ graduates from 150+ different countries. Largest online nutrition school constantly updating information
  • Covers over 100 different dietary theories
  • Explains the difference between Primary and Secondary Food ( my biggest take away from this program)
  • Offers Payment Plans so you don’t have to pay all up front ( mention my name / follow my links to get your sweet discount on tuition – you’re welcome 🙂 )
  • Extensive Business Training after Nutrition and Lifestyle Training
  • Free Business Cards
  • Free Website platform with thorough instruction on how to set it up and use it
  • Thorough instruction on how to build your own coaching practice ( if that’s what you choose to do with your certification)

What I Gained from this Certification

  • Peace of Mind
  • Alignment with my inner beliefs ( I knew life was supposed to be better but no one agreed with me, this school not only did, but massively encouraged me to follow those beliefs and dreams )
  • Repaired my relationship with food
  • Repaired my relationship with others
  • Repaired my relationship with myself
  • Meditation
  • Taught me how to break through my limiting beliefs
  • Helped me accomplish my goal of become a business owner and working for myself
  • Showed me the difference between spirituality and religion
  • Incredible Awareness and understanding of how I play a role in this world
  • I wake up joyful and excited instead of tired
  • Presence
  • Gratitude

Here is my offer to you.

For those of you currently in the place that I was, feeling called towards something, knowing there is something greater and more than your current reality is showing you…

For those who have already come across IIN – here’s another sign for you! Another opportunity to embark upon this journey you have asked for and been waiting for. The is a certain number of signs we all need before  take action. How many do you need?

And those who are hearing about it for the first time – here are some links. 👇 Learn a little a more. Watch a sample class and see if it resonates with you.

Ask questions (I’m always happy to answer them) and get curious!

If it feels right – there’s a reason for that.

Trust your intuition

How to Get your Discount on Tuition

Speak to an Enrollment Ambassador and mention my name, Jody Vining. Thats it!
That will give you $1000 off your tuition


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Do you feel excited? Are the cells in your body humming with happiness? Did you start filling in the contact form, or click on the phone number, but for some reason something stopped you..?

What’s holding you back?

Replace that limiting belief with this instead:

I am worthy. I am capable. I can do this.