68 Uses

The K8
Sanitary Water ( pH <2.7 )
Not for drinking
To cleanse and disinfect kitchen utensils By disinfecting cooking knives, cooking boards, and dish towels, food poisoning can be prevented
To wash hands and gargleReduce the likelihood of bacteria or other infections
To disinfect and sanitize tooth brushesIt maintains the hygiene of toothbrushes and inside the oral cavity
To remove tea stainsIt will remove tea stains without bleach or harmful odors
Beauty Water ( pH 4.0 – 6.0 )
not for dinking
To wash your faceit will tighten and tone the skin with its astringent effect and is excellent as a natural aftershave
After hair-washingrinse hair after washing for more body and bounce
To take a bathby adding to the bath water, it will prevent chill after a bath. As well it will reduce water scale on tubs and shower
Coat as a batter when making tempura ( deep fry) it will finish crispy and tasty
To boil noodlesall kinds of noodles and pasta cook to a perfect al dente style and do not stick together
To clean floorexcellent for cleaning floors and fast drying time.
Clean Water ( pH 7.0 )
for drinking
To take medication it does not have any influence on the effectiveness of medication
To make baby formulacompletely safe for babies
Kangen Water ( pH 8-10 )
for drinking
For drinkingsay goodbye to costly bottled water and potentially dangerous PET plastic bottles
For coffee and teayou may reduce the amount of coffee bean and tea leaves, yet improves color taste, and aroma
To wash and cook ricerice becomes shiny, fluffy, cooks faster and lasts longer
To make miso soup and other soupImproves taste with less miso. Draws out the flavor of the ingredients
For cookingYou may reduce seasonings yet improves taste
To remove harsh tastes from vegetablesHarsh flavors are quickly removed
To mix with spiritsDistilled alcohols become more mild and smooth in taste, with improved aroma
To boil waterFaster boiling times may save money on your utility bill.
Odor emanating from pets is reducedGreat for cleaning up pet accidents or for bathing pets
For plants and flower careit maintains the freshness of foliage plants and flowers as well as prolonging its life and vitality
Cleansing Water ( pH >11 )
not for drinking
To remove oil from ventilating fan and range hoodclean up oily kitchen messes safely and chemical free
As an additive for laundry dilute your detergent with cleansing water and reduce the amount of detergent needed
To remove yellow toilet stainsit can remove unsightly stains caused by protein build up
To clean vegetablesenjoy delicious veggies that taste farm fresh
To remove food stainsTo remove coffee stains and shoyu ( soy sauce) stains without damaging the cloth material
To clean fish and poultrygives fish and poultry a clean and delicious full flavor
Kangen Water in Restaurants
When we care about the water we drink, we want to make sure we are showering in clean pure water as well

The standard diet of fast and processed foods most of us have been eating leave our bodies in an acidic environment. An acidic environment is the perfect breading ground for disease. When we add in pure clean drinking water, and filter our shower water, our bodies begin to cleanse, or detoxify. To help with this process of detoxification Enagic has created a Turmeric Supplement produced using Kangen Water.

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