A Day of Remembrance

I came here to experience life.

I spent the majority of my adolescent years observing. With not much experiencing.

Learning as much as I could about the world I lived in.

I learned a lot.

And then I had to unlearn most of it. To relearn what is actually accurate and benefits my time here instead of hinders it.

That’s when the actual living and experiencing started taking place.

Observing was important. and i continue to do so however this time through new eyes.

i learned there is a lot of hurt in the world we live in. a lot of completely unnecessary hurt.

i lived it.

and then decided i couldn’t do that anymore.

but i am grateful

because now i get to watch the joys of all those i am blessed to help find their own way out of the hurt.

Today, along with many more to come, feels like a day of remembrance, reflection, and embodiment for me, but more so for my grandfather who passed the day after Christmas this year.

Yesterday I was chaotic.

I had a million and one things that had gone unfinished. I completed a lot of them.

Today I want to sit still.

My world feels completely different.

It is more vibrant.

It is peaceful.

You may not be here physically.

But I can feel you

I can hear you

And I can see you.

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