Present Moment Bliss

Who here feels like they kinda lost what it felt like to live completely in the present moment this past year?

>>> ME <<<

Yep! . . . even this yogi soul of mine needs a little guidance back home every now and then as well.

We as a species have created a very fast paced environment that isn’t about to slow down. ( It’s not a light switch we can just turn on and off) We have things constantly demanding our attention and immediate action, pulling us out of the present moment and either into the past or the future.

Neither of these places is bad, but when we stay there for too long it does become a problem.

Nature overrides everything, and it operates at a much slower, calmer, and balanced pace. Taking time to reconnect with nature, our initial source, and slow down is really important. It reminds us of where we live, where we come from, and makes the day to day craziness somehow magically more manageable.

Things like . . .


Going to the beach and watching the birds and waves

Looking at a tree and watching the leaves gently move in the breeze.

Laying down on the earth and looking at the clouds slowly move by.

They all connect us back to the incredibly peaceful part of ourselves; our root, our foundation, and in the end what determines whether we just live, or thrive.

We are made of nature. It just makes sense that we would operate like it as well.

It’d be kinda weird if your car suddenly wanted to act like your Vitamix right!

Lets go back to being our true selves. No cover up necessary. No hiding, no costumes.

Just us – Pure – Simple – Beautiful – Brilliant – Vibrant Beings

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