A reoccurring lesson in my life has been about the power of Gratitude.

Reoccurring only because I keep unknowingly stopping my practice and putting myself into a place where I have to relearn the lesson to get back on track. Back in balance.

I’m human. I learn as I go. As do we all. ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s been a hard lesson at times, but always very worth it. .

When we are not grateful for the things we have in our lives, we can soon find ourselves without any of them. I’ve been here many times.

The universe will forever amaze me in its ability to massively shift my reality to get it back into balance.

And it can do it very quickly.

lack of gratitude for what currently is . . . will shift our realities into one of lack of everything. We live in a world of complete abundance, but when we aren’t grateful, we look through eyes of lack. We pick out whats missing, instead of appreciating what is there, the abundance.

I have learned gratitude can also work just as quickly in the opposite direction. Almost instantaneously.

Gratitude, when practiced correctly, instantly changes our bodies vibrations from a place of lack, to a place of abundance and love. And when it comes to drawing in that which we are wanting…. coming from a place of love, abundance, and joy draws it in insanely quicker than from a place of fear, worry, or lack.

As soon as I realized I wasn’t showing gratitude for the things in my life, I made it a point to list off at least 3 things before bed that night, and again right as I woke up the following morning. I felt like a different person the remainder of that following day. The way the people around interacted with me, the experiences and opportunities I ended up having, my own state of happiness and joy had literally flip flopped over night from a place of feeling alone, sorrowful, unworthy, and disappointed in myself, to a place of comfort, joy, happiness, compassion, and overflowing with abundance.

Being grateful raises our vibration. It helps us feel lighter, more clear, more grounded and centered. From this place, we are working with life instead of against it and things start falling right into place.  It forces us to come from a place of love, over a place of fear.

I may be talking more about the importance of always coming from a place of love in another post, but until I do, here is a little snip bit….every decision and every thought we have that comes from a place of love, will catapult us forward into a higher state of happiness and joy, while every decision and thought based off of fear will drag us farther down into the lower vibrations of unhappiness and imbalance.

Always be coming from a place of love : )

And back to gratitude….

If you want to bring some of this wonderfulness into your life here is my own gratitude practice to help you get an idea for yourself.

For each, I list off 3 things I am grateful for. If not more. You can do this just in your head, but writing it down is even more powerful. And even more powerful than that is sharing them with someone else.

  • Right as I wake up (before I even get out of bed)
  • Before I eat. So breakfast, lunch, and dinner ( if I’m totally on my game…before my snacks too )
  • Before I start work.
  • Before I go to bed.

At first it takes a little to get in the hang of it, but once you do…its really easy to list off way more than 3. The more the better!!

Now this is a lot…if you are completely new to this gratitude thing….I would start with one of those.  So maybe either right before bed, or as you wake up. And once you have that down…keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

โ†“ This is key โ†“

It is not merely about quickly muttering out anything. You have to actually genuinely be grateful. It is about FEELING it. You have to really appreciate that which you are saying you are grateful for. It is this feeling that changes the vibration in our body.

What we FEEL … is what we get.

And we have the power to choose what we feel.

โ€ข   โ€ข  โ€ข

I will be forever grateful for the privilege of choice.

I will be forever grateful for the knowledge I receive and the ability to share it with all of you.

I am grateful for the journey I am on and that it has brought me here.

โ€ข   โ€ข  โ€ข


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