Ask and It Is Given

It is crazy to me these days as I watch my life unfold in front of my eyes. I am making connection after connection and seeing pattern after pattern that I’ve been repeating since childhood. The older I get the more I can see how life is like a spiral. 

The concept and actuality behind ‘Ask, and it is Given’ is so insanely beautiful.

Now that I am aware of it…these connections are helping me see how it has always been apart of my life. It is apart of all of our lives.

We all are constantly asking for things we want, for clarity in places that don’t make sense, and the universe instantly starts arranging things and trying to give us the answers we seek…we just don’t always see them because it doesn’t come in the way we expect it to.

We shoot out all these requests and desires, yet when the universe hands us an opportunity that will give us exactly what we are asking for… we freak out. Its like a deer in the headlights moment or like those little sea anemones where you barely touch it and it retracts instantly back to safety.

We choose to stay comfortable where we are.  Yet we forget that if we want something different than what we are currently getting…we have to become something different. We have to grow and change and break a cycle or pattern we are used to.

We have to be uncomfortable in the unknown for a brief second and realize what we asked for is sitting there waiting for us.

As I look back at the last few years of my life I’m realizing the hardest times I went through were right after I asked for something big…had the opportunity present itself…but then didn’t take it for one reason or another ( always a fear based reaction).

We build up so much momentum and energy asking for what we want, then when we pull back in the moment the opportunity presents itself, we break that natural movement of energy and it gets dispersed out all over the place in chaos trying to figure out what just happened. Our bodies and minds go into chaos as well. 

Its like telling a child you’re going to give them a lolly pop they have been staring at and craving to have… buying it, starting to hand it over…and then suddenly pulling back and refusing to give it up. Hello temper tantrum.

My point here is to be aware of the discourse in your life.

Be aware of what you’re asking for to take its place.

Be aware of what patterns/actions you might have to change or adjust to let this new in.

Then watch for the opportunity to arise.

( its usually random, weird, sudden. Not what we expect and sometimes it is a serious of occurrences that need to take place to get us to this final resting spot)

And then take it! Fearlessly!  or at least start taking actions towards it if you’re not in a place to fully jump in.

Let go of fear.

Let go of doubt.

Let go of worry.

Let go of expectation. 

You begin to create a flow, a momentum, and your present moment desires start manifesting out instantaneously in front of you, one after another. Filling our souls and bodies with a joyous loving light that builds stronger and stronger.

The hard part is blocking out our minds reaction to tell us its scared. Its in these first few moments of continuous manifestation that we fall into the mind trap of freaking out because we get a glimpse of just how powerful we really are.

We are Spiritual Beings living in a materialistic world

trying to remember, we are spiritual beings with the ability to endlessly create whatever reality we choose to see.

It starts by becoming aware we are not our minds.

We have a mind.

And we can learn how to use it, program it, and allow it to process through whats good and whats bad, saving only the good.

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