A Storm Precedes a Waterfall

I was standing in my bathroom in front of my mirror wearing my extra large hoodie and braiding my hair before bed when this title…A Storm Always Precedes a Waterfall…..popped into my head.

Normally when I think about blog posts I think of a topic and then a title.

Well this one is different. Title first. Content After.


The title popped in my head because the content has been the last week or two of my life.  As I get older I am learning the ups and downs of my emotions. I am learning the patterns and I am actually taking comfort in them.

The ups and downs are what make us human.

Our lives are like the waves. Finding comfort in our ‘mistakes’ and seeing them as opportunities for growth, and finding perseverance in moments of sorrow brings a whole new meaning to living.  Everything is temporary. The longer we let ourselves stay down…the longer we stay there. As soon as we shift our mindset into realizing our current situation is not our final destination, and that we are fully capable of feeling much better, even right now, we change the vibration we are putting out into the world and we start attracting more thoughts, feelings, and opportunities that will change our circumstances. And we start to find that place of pure bliss.


My main point is in times of sorrow, stress, depression, low self confidence ….. its important to remember that not only will it pass… it’s a foundation. Its a foundation that is helping you build up. It’s the sign that says:

‘Hey, something good is coming your way’

‘Something amazing is about to happen’

‘You’re going through a struggle so you can prove your capable/strong’

‘This struggle is changing your mindset in preparation for something you couldn’t have even dreamed of’

It is a sign that your purpose is strong and you’re being shifted into a place where you can handle and fully enjoy what is coming.

In order to change your circumstance, we have to change ourselves. We can not leave a situation with the same thinking and understanding as when we got there. If we do … nothing actually changed.


In the times where we feel at our rock bottom…this is where the fire is started. The fire that lights you up with passion and purpose. It’s what helps us live that purpose. It is where motivation and determination comes from.

So I encourage you to take a different look and approach to your low moments. See them as a gift. See them as an opportunity to start fresh, get organized, rekindle a desire. See them as a message letting you know there is something wonderful waiting on the other side.


So the next time you are having a bad day, week, month, or year. Remember this:

Everything in life is balanced. To experience immense joy, we must first learn what it feels like to experience immense pain.

Those moments of pain are your sign that something absolutely wonderful is heading your way.

Be kind to yourself. 

Open your heart.

Trust the process.

Accept where you are.

♥      ♥      ♥

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