The Journey Begins: Being Happy is a Choice

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Who else has been trying to be happy for some time now?
Always feeling like you are searching for happiness. Studying those people at the grocery store or park who are laughing and thinking what do they have that I don’t? Is it the car, the clothes, the new phone….what’s the difference between them and me?
Well guys I have some good news for you!
But real quick before I get to that….if you haven’t figured it out yet — the car, the clothes, the phone — THOSE DON’T MAKE YOU HAPPY. Yes they are convenient and nice to have but, possessions don’t make you happy. Some of the richest people in the world are very unhappy(I’m sure you’ve heard this before), and its probably because they haven’t figure out this little trick yet.
Everyone of us is wired up with the ability to be happy. We do not have to get this happiness from anything. We already have it.
Let me say that again.
So here is the good news if you are following along. You can stop trying to be happy…and instead just be happy. Right now — in this moment.
Some moments it will be really easy for you to make this switch in your mind and others it will be harder to do. But we all have this ability. It is just realizing we have it, and then tapping into it.
So as weird as this may sound…please stop TRYING to be happy.  And instead just BE happy.
Being happy or ‘finding happiness’ is not a destination you have to go find. It is not something you have to wait to have until you have accomplished whatever it is you have in your mind you have to accomplish first. So stop telling yourself…’oh I’ll be happy when I get that promotion’…or…’I’ll be happy when I can get a new car’. The only thing that is stopping you from being happy….is YOU. And if you are hitting that place where you feel happy, but your mind is all wait…I don’t deserve this lets go back to feeling crummy…Do me a favor please and tell your mind to Shut Up.
So now that you know you have the ability to be happy whenever you want. Whatcha gunna do about it? And I won’t lie…like I said earlier… there will be times where it is near impossible to tap into this mindset. I’ve been there many times. But that doesn’t mean you stop trying. Happiness is an option. You can either choose to be in a crummy place and stay there, or you can choose to lift yourself up and be happy and let the world work with you instead of you working against it.
Isn’t this awesome!
At any point in your life you have a choice. To either stay where you are…or get to somewhere better.
So…what’s your choice?
–   –   –   –   –
If you are struggling with this concept remember back to a time when you were really happy or in complete peace. What did that feel like? What were you thinking? What did that feeling feel like in your body? Where were you? Who were you with?
Take a moment right now to sit and think about it. Answer all of these questions.
Capture that feeling and hold on it. Try and put yourself back into that place and really focus on how your body feels. You were probably relaxed. All tension was realized from your shoulders, neck, and face.  Your mind was clear.
You could feel lightness throughout your body.
Being happy is a choice. It is something we all have the ability to feel and tap into at any moment.
Please remember and know, especially if you are struggling getting to this point….feeling happy is not our default setting and there are so many factors that get in the way of our bodies ability to feel happy. Food is a big one! I will leave that discussion for another day.
Let me know some ways you shift your mind back to a more positive outlook.
What have you tried? What has/hasn’t worked for you?
Share in the comments below.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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