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Nutrition – Mindset  – Clean & Abundant Living

I am here to help you Rise. 

Rise into the powerful being that you are.

Knowledge Should be Shared


Especially when it drastically transforms the quality of our lives.

I encourage you to listen to your intuition and develop an understanding around your

Passions and how they fuel your Purpose.

Who I AM

My name is Jody.

I thrive off of helping others improve their health and their lives.

I am an Artist.

A Wellness Coach.

A Yoga Teacher.

A Business Coach

A lover of Color, Plant-Based Whole Foods, and the healing power of Nature.

I have certifications in Wellness Coaching through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition® and am a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher through Authentic Movements.

I did not attend a four year university.

Instead –

Half my knowledge is from reading books from souls who came before me.

The other half was gained from going within, listening to that inner guidance, and following in the footsteps of those you had accomplished the goals I had for myself.

My own healing journey and dedication to the art of yoga brought me the experiences and opportunities I needed to heal myself and now give me the knowledge and resources to help others do the same.

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A huge part of Wellness is enjoying completely how we spend our time and making sure we are doing what it is we love.

Career included.

As technology advances and society becomes more hectic . . . many of us are looking for ways we can Work Online, Travel, and Set our Own Schedule.

Making enough money so we can say yes to opportunities as they arise.

Breakaway Movement

Is a large group of Online Entrepreneurs working together to shift the current mold that society holds. Learning and growing ourselves as well as our businesses.

Passionate about our earth, stepping into our authentic power, and creating insane health, wellness, and financial freedom.

As well as breaking free from the societal norms, and crafting our lives by our own design.

If this sounds like you, and something you want to add into your life

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