Did we forget how to Share?

We are born into this world with decades worth of intelligence engrained in our cells. We are perfect beings. But I feel we see a newborn as small or innocent and assume this means they know nothing, therefore start imparting our wisdom thinking they have none. We know a lot more than we release even…Read more »

Lifes Guidance System

Resistance. Stress. Anxiety. Struggle. Anger. Sorrow. Frustration. Hurt. Worry. These are our signs to stop – and pay attention. Just like the stop signs we see every day while driving…. it, along with these emotions, are there for our protection. They come from our intuition. That gut feeling we get, but usually don’t follow. Our…Read more »

Letting Go

There is an incredible degree of peace that can be found in letting go when it is done properly. If all I am ever able to give to the world is the ability to find peace from letting go, I think I will feel accomplished.   I hope my words will drop you into the same state…Read more »

Why I Grow My Own Food

Because it just feels right. I have always had an immense want to have a garden. I absolutely LOVE watching the seeds I plant sprout and mature. I thoroughly love tending weeds and taking care of the plants. I love the colors! Greens, yellows, reds, oranges, blues, … it becomes a field of beauty. Harvesting…there…Read more »

My Mission

Knowledge should be shared – especially when it drastically transforms the quality of our lives.

Intentional Living is about guiding and supporting you to find more Joy, Authenticity, and Fulfillment in your life. I encourage you to listen to your intuition, become clear on your passions, and help you develop an understanding around food and how it fuels us.

Here you will find information about Nutrition, Mindset, and Clean Living.

My intention is to help you:

– Increase your Awareness

– Raise your Consciousness

– Empower you to live a life that is Aligned with your True Self

While giving you a place to get information that is honest, well researched, and has been tried and true for myself.

The information I share comes from either my own personal experiences, from the incredible books I have been fortunate enough to read, or from the source that started this amazing shift in my life into a state of healthy joyful living – The Institute of Integrative Nutrition® (IIN).

About Me

Jody Vining

I spent part of my adolescent life feeling depressed, lost, and trapped. It wasn't until I was on the verge of passing out with stomach pains, a chronic headache, blurry vision, and adrenal fatigue that I finally WOKE UP. 'Okay, something isn't right and I need to figure out what, and change it.' So I did. I saw that Naturopathic Doctor who had been in the back of my mind. My lack of knowledge about food and balancing my plate was causing some serious havoc on my body and preventing me from being able to think clearly and live in a state of health. I hadn't made the connection the reason I was feeling so poorly was because of the food I was eating. I pushed myself way past my comfort zone by listening to my gut feeling and enrolled myself into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. This is where it all started. I was finally able to start healing. My ability to make this change came from Switching my Mindset, Pushing Past Fear, Putting Myself First, and Listening to My Intuition. I listened to myself and my body and what it was trying to tell me, instead of what others were telling me what I should do. It allowed me to see how the advice I was given by others may have been good, but it wasn't what I needed in order to get to where I wanted to go. The only way we can heal ourselves and accomplish the things we want to in life is if we Trust and Listen to our Own Intuition.