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Nutrition – Mindset  – yoga

Knowledge Should be Shared

Especially when it drastically transforms the quality of our lives.

I teach how to tap into intuition, release energy blocks to clear the mind,  allowing us to fulfill our purpose and live our passions. 

I am an Artist – a Creator.

A Wellness Coach.

A Yoga Teacher.

A lover of Color, Plant-Based Whole Foods, and the Healing Power of Nature.

I have certifications in Wellness Coaching through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition® and I am a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher through Authentic Movements.

Half my knowledge is from reading books from souls who came before me.

The other half is from going within, doing the deep seated inner soul work, and listening to the guidance I received.

A huge part of Wellness is enjoying completely how we spend our time

As technology advances and society becomes interesting to say the least . . . it is even more important these days that we set aside ample time to take care of ourselves, slow down, and return back into our bodies to listen to what they need ~ and then act accordingly to keep our ourselves well; mentally and physically.

Balanced Nutrition and Daily Movement of the body cleanse, release, soothe, open, and relax the parts of us that need daily attention.